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Roseanne Robinson


Our Church Library has everything from children’s books ~ commentaries.  
Stop in and browse our selection, check out a book,
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Book Reviews 

Restoring your Spiritual Passion

by: Gordon MacDonald

“When I first saw this book I brushed it off as jut another ‘fix-it manual’ for backslidden Christians.  But the title is misleading, and the book is well worth reading as I later found out. It’s a book written for busy people who are always being drained by the people and circumstances of life, obviously I need to read it again.  Maybe it could be titled ‘Stress and your Spiritual survival’. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and as I flipped through it i decided to re-read it myself and enjoyed it again. Lord bless you.”


An Emerald Ballad

by: B.J. Hoff

“This series follows three childhood friends who grew up in Ireland. As adults, the two of them (Morgan and Nora) went through the potato famine before Nora took what remains of her family and sailed for America to join their friend Michael. Morgan’s love for Ireland compelled him to stay.  We watched Morgan as he struggles with God and finally puts his trust in the Lord. Nora and Michael both faced challenges of their own in America. Through it all we see their unwavering faith in God and how that enables them to make it through the hard times and rejoice i the good times. I was reminded of the importance of friendships and of how God is always working in our lives whether we are always aware of it or not. God truly does have a plan for each of us and is more than willing to make it known to us if we’ll only ask and listen. I give this series a double thumbs up.”

Mary Lambert